Студио Studio presents Aleksa Gajic's:
Technotise 2: Prophet 1.0
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Technotise: Edit & I; (2009, Aleksa Gajic, Serbia)

International Market

Universal Theme involving near future's AI.
Aclamed Author's second full featured film.
Stellar Cast amongst regional stars.
Production Value in plot setting under protection of UNESCO.


Anime style art animation has big audience of devoted followers, worldwide.
On-line is a natural environment for animation productions' life, although cinema, TV, DVD, Blue-Ray and other media extend it.

Secured value

Diamonds are forever.
Art is long and life is short.
Animation production is safer then bank, exceptionally 13 times over.
Similarly, film's artistic value is eternal.


of Aleksa Gajic's animation:

T2: Prophet 1.0

Teaser 1

T2: Prophet 1.0

Teaser 2

T2: Film Dossier

Synopsis & Pitching

Technotise: Edit & I

(2009) Whole movie


(2012) Short film

Rise and fall of art

(2013) Short film


Prophet 1.0; (2019)

  • Jan 2018

    It's about time

    Celebrating some achievement as a work of art is far fetched, yet. We are set to make a better film, to testimony an advancement and set new standards. Raising the bar for ourselves is getting where we would rather be.

  • May 2018

    Establishing a coproduction

    First half a year of delegating tasks amongst coproduction studios is a this productions greatest challenge; Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Serbia.

  • Oct 2019

    Post production

    Giving a final touch by the author, Aleksa Gajic, is to give the whole project a polished and unified feel.

  • Dec 2019

    A World's premiere

    Film festivals are actually celebrating creative summit, climaxed in works' screening. That's All Folks! Thoughts for a third part, a sequel which will conclude Technotise series, hopefully before 2029.

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Our Amazing Team

Signing a Legacy

Aleksa Gajic

Director, Lead Drawer

Marko Paljic

Executive producer

Nenad Jovanovic


The long list of creative, institutional, financial and all other contributors, backers, friends and families, particularly production babies, credited in the end of the film is what to be focused on, without whose devotion this project would not be possible. These people are the reason why such endeavor was intended and undertaken in the first place, in hope for the largest imaginable audiences, contemporary and in the future. Thank you all, immensely very much!

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